Alexander Technique: From a pupil

This is an interesting blog written by an Alexander Technique pupil.  I must admit that I’m unsure what he means by ‘translation’ at the end of the blog.  If anyone can explain, do let me know!

He describes very clearly some of the conundrums of learning this amazing Technique.  

Please note that I am taking a break from teaching, stopping on Dec. 18th and resuming on Jan. 11th.  

Tai Chi for Health

New Zealand always takes loooong holidays over Christmas and New Year.  This year, I’m going to be a ‘proper kiwi’.  My last Tai Chi for Health class of 2020 will be on Tuesday 15th December and the first class of 2021 will be on February 9th. 


In 24 hours’ time, there will be a New Moon, and total Solar Eclipse, in Sagitarrius.  The South Node is at this eclipse, opposing the North Node in Gemini. If you have planets at, or very close to 23 degrees of Sagitarrius or Gemini, you might have sensed the approach.

Sagitarrius is the explorer, the adventurer, the enthusiast, the teacher who revels in big ideas and who can become irritated by being asked to check the details and be precise.  It is the sign opposite Gemini, the communicator, ever curious, willing to look at details before moving on to something new.  Both signs are concerned with communicating ideas.

I’ve lost count of the number of times this year I’ve said,

“How can he say that?”

(Who do you think I’m talking about?!)

I’ve also been hugely grateful for the clear communications from our New Zealand Government, communications which have respected the listener.  Why have I trusted one channel of information and not another? This is the conundrum of tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse. 

This Sagitarrius Solar Eclipse gives us all a chance to reset how we receive information.  Do I fact check?  Do I trust?  How do I deal with doubts?  How do I pass on information?  Do I scrutinise it?  What criteria am I using in deciding whether to pass on information or not?   

If you’d like to know more, please do get in touch.  I do individual consultations and teach online.