Alexander Technique

I am applying the Alexander Technique to a new life situation: moving on crutches!  I have broken a bone in my left foot.  It is very interesting being thrown out of normal movement patterns.  Alexander Technique skills are helping hugely while the bone heals – even dealing with impatience at the rate of progress.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the Alexander Technique.  I am not able to do any hands on teaching at the moment because I need my hands to hold the crutches!  I am keeping a waiting list for when I’m fit and well again so do get in touch.

Tai Chi for Health

I am not able to teach Tai Chi for Health at the moment because I am on crutches having broken a bone in my left foot.  A TCH practice group has formed in Kerikeri.  If you would like to know about that please do get in touch.


I checked my astrology after medical treatment for a fractured foot and found the alignments for the accident.  If I’d taken more notice of them before I went out that day, I might have been more careful about stepping backwards . . . . transitting Mars square natal Uranus and semi-square natal Pluto were the main ones.

Sitting and lying around with my foot elevated is giving me plenty of opportunity to read through my astrology books again.  I’m finding some gems but also some that make my hair stand on end!