Alexander Technique

As well as teaching lessons online, I am now offering to teach lessons one-to-one, in person, in Kerikeri.  Please contact me to book either type of lesson. 

Tai Chi for Health

Only a few days before I train to teach Tai Chi for Memory.  I am so looking forward to it.  It is somewhat different from the other forms I teach so it should be interesting!  Watch this space for details of classes starting late August, early September. 

There are vacancies for the Seated Tai Chi for Health class I teach in Kerikeri on Tuesday afternoons.  Please contact me for details. 

There is now a waiting list for people wishing to join the (standing) Tai Chi for Health class.  Please contact me to put your name on to the list. 


I have had a flurry of telephone calls today from people wanting help from astrology.  The questions often take a specific form eg “Is XYZ going to happen?”  There is a branch of astrology, horary astrology, which can help to answer such very specific questions.  It is not a style of astrology that I am drawn to.  I prefer to help a client to understand the energies in their birth chart and how those energies might be modified by current planetary movements.  This helps them to make decisions about their lives; it empowers them to find their own answers.