Alexander Technique


Monday afternoons.  To book lessons in Kerikeri, please use the contact details in the side bar. There are two lesson times available on Monday afternoon, Feb. 11th.


Next teaching day in Whangarei:  Friday March 15th

To book Alexander Technique lessons in Whangarei, please go to

THIS WEEK’S FAVOURITE BLOG about the Alexander Technique

How to be poorly and cough well using the Alexander Technique:

Tai Chi for Health

Classes are on Tuesday afternoons at Cornerstone, Kerikeri.  Times as follows:

1.30 Tai Chi for Diabetes

2.00 Intermediate/Advanced Tai Chi for Health including Sun 73

3.00 Seated Tai Chi for Health

3.45 Beginners Tai Chi for Arthritis.  There are lots of new beginners so this is a good time to start!

This is a link to a good demonstration of Sun 73 Tai Chi.  If you would like to miss out the introductory talk, fast forward to 3:15.


Today, March 6th in New Zealand, Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus where it will be for about 7 years.  Taurus is a ‘fixed earth’ sign that likes routine, stability, practicality; Uranus expresses sudden change, mental insights, excitement.  Could be an interesting 7 years!

In Western astrology, we link the signs of the zodiac to the elements of fire, earth, air and water.  We are entering a two-week period where the elements of earth and water are hugely emphasised, not least with the Pisces New Moon on March 7th (New Zealand time).  What might this mean?  We could experience emotional shifts, spiritual insights or imaginative creativity.  We might find that contact with the natural world, walking under trees, gardening, listening to bird song nourish us even more that usual.  Please let me know how you find the first two weeks of March.