Alexander Technique

About two months ago, I had some simple surgery on my right hand.  The surgeon said,

“Of course it will work.  Otherwise we wouldn’t do it.”

Well, it hasn’t worked.  My hand is much more painful and restricted in movement than it was before the operation.  While I wait for remedial work (which hopefully will work), I am being forced to address the habits I have been using in hand movements maybe most of life.  I have come to realise how often, and how intensely, I clench my hands.  Any picking up activity with my right hand, I now have to stop first (in the Alexander Technique we call this inhibiting), allow my neck to release anticipatory tension, recognise those joints which are not adversely affected and be grateful to them.  Above all, I have to minimise the loading on injured part of my hand.  

And, I cannot ignore the psycho-physical.  The dashed hopes that the problem I had had with my hand would be gone.  The optimism with which I looked forward to being able to go cycling again, to play table tennis and pickleball, to learn to kayak.  

This is hard for me but it would be so much harder without the Alexander Technique.  

As well as teaching lessons online, I am now offering to teach lessons one-to-one, in person, in Kerikeri.  Please contact me to book either type of lesson. 

Tai Chi for Health

Today, October 12th, is World Arthritis Day.  All the Tai Chi for Health programmes, and especially Tai Chi for Arthritis, help people to live with the restrictions of the many forms of arthritis.  People find greater ease and confidence in moving, largely because of the emphasis on moving gently, slowly and mindfully.  

You might like to try this: whenever you need to move an arm, think to your funny bone.  Imagine where your funny bones needs to move to as part of the arm movement.  Moving with your funny bone can often ease discomfort and tension in the shoulders.  

There is now a waiting list for people wishing to join the (standing) Tai Chi for Health class.  Please contact me to put your name on to the list.  There are spaces in the Seated Tai Chi for Health class.  


At the moment (October 12th) there is a lot of tension between many of the planets.  This tension could be used constructively to ask yourself:

  • what do I really want to do?
  • what changes do I need to make in my life?
  • what do I want to achieve?

Then, make  a plan – and implement it!