Learning involves 4 main topics:

  1. the close relationship between how you think and how you behave
  2. the importance of the relationship between your head, neck and back
  3. how the relationship between your feet and the ground affects tension and stress.
  4. the application of the principles to a range of daily activities of daily life

This youtube video is brilliant.  It covers relationships, mental health, decision making and movement.


Lessons are taught one-to-one and usually last 30 – 40 minutes.  Individual lessons give you privacy and the undivided attention of a teacher. I teach in Kerikeri and over Skype.  Online Alexander Technique lessons enable you to have the help of a qualified teacher  observing and verbally guiding you in your process of change using Alexander’s principles.


Group classes give you the opportunity to see the Technique applied to other people, which is a great help in developing your own understanding.  They are tailored to the needs of the group eg I’m planning a workshop for a group of teenage music students in Whangarei.


“I had been dreading retirement.  I’d various aches and pains and thought the rest of my life would be a slide into increasing pain, increasing disability.  This technique is wonderful.  It has turned all that round.  It has given me my life back and I can now look forward to the future.”


“There is a particular magic to applying the Alexander technique to any active situation that brings release throughout the body.  Through Jill’s concise observation and direction I was able to notice the particular over-tensions in my body when playing guitar and how to play in an open way, freeing the discomfort that had arisen through misuse. The technique feels good, and is a very useful tool for the body and mind.”


“Learning the Alexander Technique has been about gaining more body awareness and learning to relax the tight controls I sometimes impose on myself.  In this way blocked energy is released and I live in the flow of life rather than fighting against it.  It’s subtle but very powerful. Becoming aware I allow the natural wisdom of my body to express itself more fully and efficiently in the moment.  Since body, mind, emotions and spirit are intimately entwined, practicing AT enhances my quality of life on all levels. For me, the Alexander Technique is a type of meditation practice.”


about Alexander lessons helping with back and neck pain

“I came to be straightened up but instead was opened out.”

—A dentist for 20 years, experiencing back and neck pain.  She learnt through Alexander Technique lessons not only how to put less strain on her body while working but also to acknowledge her long-held dream to be a furniture designer and maker. She gave up dentistry to study furniture making.


“At 75 years of age, learning the Alexander Technique has given me a whole new lease of life.  Through the winter of 2013, my back pain was so bad that I was reliant on a friend to bring firewood to the house from the woodshed 50m away.  Through the winter of 2014, with the fire burning 24/7 to warm the house, I didn’t even consider needing her help.  My back pain had reduced so much that my independence had returned.”

—Jorj Roberts


“When I met Jill, I was a mechanical engineer working for a global energy company, and hating it.  I was also about to get married – one of the most stressful times of my life.  The product of these two elements was excruciating back pain and me not being my normal happy self.”

“Through the Alexander Technique and with Jill’s excellent tuition, I learned to work with my body on two levels: the physical level – nurturing my muscles and bones to let them do only what they needed to, and the psychological level – figuring out what I wanted to do to be happy in life.”