zodiac-10013225 (2)Jill D. Freeman, Astrologer

Always curious about astrology, I became an enthusiast after having my birth chart calculated and interpreted over 35 years ago.  I went on to attend evening classes and subsequently enrolled to study formally with astrologycollege.com, a training course based in the UK. I passed their certificate exam with a mark of 99% and then studied to diploma level.

Astrology has taught me self-acceptance, acceptance of the people I meet and awe at the wonders of the Universe and its cycles.  Like the Alexander Technique and Tai Chi, it can help me in any and every situation.


I enjoy teaching introductory astrology classes for beginners curious as I was 30+ years ago.  Students’ faces light up with excitement as the richness of the subject emerges and realisation dawns that the ‘Star Columns’ in the media are a travesty of ancient wisdoms.

Most of my teaching is done one-to-one either in person or over Skype.


A birthchart is unique to an individual’s date, time and place of birth. I enjoy preparing reports on such charts. It is a privilege to help people discover insights into their strengths, sensitivities and challenges.  The reports are always confidential to the person concerned. I offer consultations in person or over Skype, with or without a written report as you choose.

Why commission a birth chart report?  There are as many reasons as there are people but here are some typical examples:

  • curiosity
  • considering a career change
  • challenges in a personal relationship
  • guidance at stressful times
  • insights into parenting
  • as a gift


I also offer forecast reports looking at themes for a few years ahead and synastry reports looking at the relationship between two people.


Parents, or grandparents/godparents, often request a chart for a new-born.  Such reports will focus on how the child’s carers can help the child to grow into a confident, happy, balanced adult.


Record what you know about your date, time and place of birth and the reliability of the information you have.  If your birth certificate gives all three pieces of information – wonderful!  If not, you might be able to ask family members and friends of your birth mother about what they can remember eg daylight or dark birth time, before or after milking/the pubs opened/the 6 o’clock news.  Then, contact Jill and let her have the information you have gleaned.

Below is the birthchart for F. M. Alexander, the founder of the Alexander Technique:

FM Alexander birthchart