“I have been wanting for some time to write and thank you for the great benefit I have derived from your method.  I think your technique is simply wonderful.”
(Letter of appreciation written to F.M. Alexander
by Lily Brayton, from the Adelphi Theatre, London, 1906.)

Alexander Technique Applications

The Alexander Technique can help with all of these activites – and more. Indeed, if you are interested in the cutting edge of connections between mindfulness and neuroscience, the Alexander Technique is for you!


TO BEGIN: Ask yourself 2 questions as you read this text:

  • Where in your body are you doing the work of holding yourself up?
  • From where are you receiving support?

Repeat these questions at different times of day, in different activities.  Simply notice the answers.  You have begun your Alexander Technique journey!  Contact Jill to continue.


Video Links:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdrP_XGEuWI – an historically fascinating explanation of the Alexander Technique by the first teacher qualified by F. M. Alexander to teach what he had discovered.

Of particular interest to musicians:

alexandertechniquesite.com/recommended_videos_and_websites – videos 3 and 4 relate to an internationally renowned study on back pain and the benefits of the Alexander Technique.

markjosefsberg.com/video – an interesting, amusing introduction to the Alexander Technique.

Produced by the British Medical Journal on how the Alexander Technique helps people with back pain:

Audio Links

A podcast about chronic pain and the benefits of the Alexander Technique:


FALLS PREVENTION – This blog addresses the topics of balance and posture:


Articles to Read 

These are the first two articles I recommend pupils to read.  They are very different but both convey the unique wonder of the Alexander Technique.

Articles by me:

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