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Helping people to enrich their lives through making changes.


An astrological consultation can lead to greater self-understanding and self-acceptance.  It can reveal unrecognised inner strengths and resources to bring about personal change and empowerment. Consultations are often requested for career changes, relationship decisions and insights into parenting children. Contact Jill to find out more.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is about change.  It enables us to recognise and free ourselves from unconscious layers of muscular and mental habits thereby opening up possibilities we had never even imagined.  Contact Jill to find out more.

“I came to be straightened up but instead was opened out.”  (Alexander Technique pupil)

Tai Chi for Health

Drawing on ancient wisdoms, the Tai Chi for Health programmes integrate movement, balance, breathing and awareness. Contact Jill to find out more.

“I have rediscovered my inner strength and self-confidence.  I am no longer frightened walking through the centre of town.” (Tai Chi for Health student)

About Jill

My professional background is as a teacher, of both children and adults.

Astrology has intrigued me for years.  My first consultation with an astrologer in 1984 opened the door to this wealth of wisdom and I went on to study to Diploma level.  I so enjoy helping people unlock the mysteries of their own charts.

I first experienced the wonder of the Alexander Technique in 1976 at a very unhappy time for me.  The effect was instant: a sense of hope and an enormous release of muscular tension.  I eventually gave up my then career to do a 3-year full time STAT approved training course in London, UK, qualifying as a teacher in December 1991.  I have taught in the UK, Greece, Denmark and since 2002, New Zealand. I enjoy every aspect of teaching the Alexander Technique be it strategies for chronic pain, discovering a different quality of sound from a musical instrument or dealing with workplace stress.

In 2005, I trained as an instructor of Tai Chi under the Tai Chi for Health umbrella.  The classes are great fun and it is wonderful to see people gain in strength, poise and confidence.

My interests are organic vegetable growing, listening to classical music, exploring the meaning of life and swimming.